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Why not join the list of great barbers already utilising the benefits of using Qwork today! Run your queues digitally allowing your customers to join before reaching your shop.  


No more long queues filled with disgruntled customers, join the queue on the app without having to be sitting on that uncomfortable chair. Customers can then carry on with their day in the meantime. The app is extremely simple and takes no time to sign up…

Who will benefit?


Manage your queue digitally. Add walk-ins and breaks to the queue manually. Send notifications to your customers. Broadcast promotions to app users. Safeguards built in to ensure you have a stable flow of customers



Discover barbershops and choose based on the shop, ratings, waiting time & location. Join the queue from home or the office. Get queueing position notifications to prompt when it’s time to head to the shop



Increase number of customers visiting your shop by broadening your shops exposure. Keep your current customers happy by reducing their queuing time. Send custom notifications to your barbers or customers or promotions.



How can Qwork help customers?

Discover barbers with the highest ratings through transparent customer reviews or find the queue with the shortest time in their area at short notice using the barbershop map. Join a queue whilst in the office, receive updating notifications and know exactly when to get yourself down to the shop. Make the barbershop experience less about queuing and more about the that fresh trim! Simply sign up using your social media profile in 10 seconds, find a shop, choose a barber and join their queue.

How can Qwork help barbers?

Barbers can benefit from the increase of customers who are able to discover your barbershop through the Qwork map and search functionality. Build a reputation for excellence through customer reviews demonstrating the quality of your service. Advertise your services using your shops description, showcase previous work by uploading images and include links to your social media pages.



We appreciate that if it’s the first time you’ve downloaded the app it might be quite a challenge to set up, if you would like a chat with one of our support team just drop us a message in the contact us page. We would be more than happy to explain the process of signing up and common ways of easing the new digital queue into a tradition queue seamlessly

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Help us help you!

We can help you with all aspects of the app including test logins, how to set up a barber or barbershop and how to maximise the functionality. We can also provide you with posters and leaflets to display and hand out to customers as well as lots of other tips.We would love to hear any new ideas or features which you feel would be useful

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